101 Ways To Consume Cannabis

There probably 100 different ways when it comes to consuming marijuana and enjoying its effects and availing its benefits. Here, in this article w shall talk about some of the most interesting and popular ways in which you can consume marijuana. The list can potentially discover in trying out variety of ways to consume marijuana and can help you explore different styles and techniques of marijuana consumption which can in turn help you find out your favourite. Another good reason to try them out- variety is the spice of life.

You can make use of glass pipes-
a glass pipe is a very common and at the same time unique experience of marijuana consumption. This is because although it is widely used or commonly used, a glass pipe can potentially be made in to a work of art. So if you are planning to try out something creative and make your experience more vivid, lively and awesome. If you are a lover of art or if you want to make your experience more artistic and visually appealing, this is something that you really need to try.

Inthe form of Dab; or dabbing-
Dabbing is another way to consume marijuana. The dabs are basically cannabis concentrates which you are to be smoked or vaped. These cannabis concentrates are also called wax or shatter. To smoke them you can make use of a dab nail or buy a specialized rig to vape this cannabis concentrates. This way you get comparatively more bang.

Bong is a popular way to make consume marijuana. Basically with bong you smoke the marijuana. Bong can be either gravity bong or water bong. If you are planning to try out a new way to smoke cannabis and you have not tried out bong yet, this is something that you really should have in your arsenal. Bongs allow the use of water or ice as the base because of which the vapour or the smoke of the marijuana is cooled down, making the experience unique and also this is a quick to experience the impacts and effects of the strain of marijuana that you smoke.

Joints are the most common way to smoke marijuana and joints are highly popular. These are basically rolled cigarettes. And the primary advantage of joints is that they can be used anywhere and are always easy to carry and make. In other word, they provide flexibility and portability which is otherwise absent in bongs and glass pipes.

You can make edibles using marijuana. This is done by putting marijuana into forms that can be consumed like food. Hence, you can make Pot brownies and Space cakes, which can be eaten and you can available the benefits if the effects of marijuana at the same time.

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