4 Tips to Treat Frizzy Hair in Kochi Brides

Kochi is a beautiful city with equally pretty women population. The ladies here are bestowed with smooth skin, big expressive eyes and thick curly hair. They don’t need to try hard to look beautiful, even during their weddings. A gorgeous silk sari, traditional jewelry and a hint of makeup are enough to make them look like a princess on the images captured by their wedding photographers.

However, the brides from Kochi do suffer from frizzy hair due to the port city’s high humidity, especially during the rainy season. It becomes difficult for them to tame their unruly hair which in turn can spoil the overall look. Moreover, it is a common practice for Malayalee women to leave their hair open and decorate it with just a garland during many wedding functions. Hence, it becomes even more important for them to control the frizz.

Here we have brought some natural ingredients which can negate frizz caused due to humidity. These all natural items are also excellent in keeping the overall hair health. Read on to know more:

Coconut milk: Coconut is used in every form in Kerala. Be it the food, drinks, beauty products or other household articles. The benefits of coconut are endless. One such use of the milk extracted from the fruit pulp is its application on frizzy hair. The fat particles in the milk moisturize hair deeply. For this, squeeze milk from fresh coconut and warm it up before applying all over hair. Keep it overnight and wash off with a mild cleanser the next morning. Your hair will be thoroughly hydrated and will not be able to soak moisture from the air, which creates frizz.

Apple cider vinegar: The usage of apple cider vinegar in beauty and health are endless. To combat frizz, take equal proportions of this magic potion and water and use as the last rinse. This mixture will close all open cuticles and add shine to your tresses while taming frizz.

Banana: Bananas are great for both skin and hair. The potassium in it does wonders for your body. Make a pack from ripe mashed banana, curd, and honey. Apply all over your hair including the roots and keep it on for an hour. The ingredients will deeply nourish your mane. Wash off with lukewarm water followed by a cold-water rinse. Your tresses will be completely under control.

Egg and olive oil: The protein of eggs and fat in olive oil are great in treating any hair-related issue. Simply whisk an egg and mix a couple of spoons of olive oil to it. Apply on your hair and wash off with a mild shampoo after 30 minutes. Enjoy the healthy bouncy hair that you have always craved for.

Apart from all these natural remedies, there are a number of brands in the market who manufacture anti-frizz shampoos and other products. You can choose one as per your need. However, if you can, do try the above natural ingredients and see the results in the photos captured by your candid wedding photographer in Kochi.