What Are the Different Types of Washroom Supplies?

A washroom is a space which is equipped with a toilet and washing facilities, usually for use in public areas. Washrooms need a range of different supplies to help serve their function, and they also may utilise many types of extra optional supplies. Essential needs include items such as toilet tissue, hand soap or liquid, and paper towels if the washroom has no electric hand dryers. Cleanliness is required by law for a washroom being used by the public, and to maintain a satisfactory level of hygiene, a number of different cleaning supplies may be necessary. Nowadays, vending machines that supply a number of items are also common additions to public washrooms.

Bathroom tissue is one of the most common types of washroom supplies and some washrooms will occasionally feature a bidet and offer some kind of wipes or towels instead of traditional toilet paper. There are some washrooms that also supply paper toilet seat covers, which lets people sit on a toilet without their skin touching a potentially unclean surface.

Cleaning, Drying and other Supplies

Nowadays, there can be a wide range of hand washing supplies and fixtures available in a washroom. Many washrooms will traditionally have paper towels for people to dry their hands, whereas more up-dated others will have the simplicity of air-blowing hand dryers. Hand washing soap is also a necessity and it most commonly comes in containers that fit inside a soap dispenser. A soap dispenser gives out soap with the easy push of a hand pump, but at present, even motion-sensor soap dispensers have become increasingly popular.

Some washrooms will also have waterless hand sanitisers instead of traditional antiseptic soap and the upkeep of domestic cleaning supplies is certainly something which has to be maintained on a regular basis. Cleansing agentsplay a vital role in washroom supplies and toilet bowl cleaning is necessary for odour control and to keep a clean appearance, plus other cleaners can be used to clean toilet seats and other surfaces. General cleaning supplies are essential for cleaning sinks, mirrors, taps, floors and windows as well as anywhere else. The use of vending machines has overtime become a common sight in some washrooms with the most common washroom vending machines dispensing condoms and female sanitary products.

A Range of Products

There are also other vending machine machines offering supplies that can include over-the-counter medicines and even perfumes or colognes. Washrooms offering baby changing stations can also have vending machines that provide disposable nappies, baby wipes, and baby powder.Air-deodorizingsystems have also now become a feature used in many modern washrooms, and the systems will often need replacement refill supplies, just as washrooms designated for male-only use often have had urinals that require urinal deodorizer blocks for quite some time.

Washrooms also have to use and keep stocked some less-obvious supplies. For example, extra light bulbs and trash bags are necessary for all washrooms as well.

Make sure to keep your washroom well supplied, as if it isn’t, people will never forget!

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