Why do You Need a Fresno White-Collar Crime Attorney?

White-collar crime typically deals with crimes of a financial nature, hence the term “white-collar.” It can revolve around large business, government or professional organizations. Though white-collar crimes are non-violent, the degree of legal repercussions are profound. Furthermore, their scope is wide-reaching and has become more complex in recent years.

A white-collar crime attorney can help greatly in the cases of defense. Those charged with white-collar crimes are certainly in need of adequate and thorough legal defense. Charges are often numerous and can be at the state and federal levels, or both. This is not the time to cut corners on legal defense spending, or minimize the severity of white-collar charges. When seeking white-collar crime defense, look out for attorneys with experience in dealing with actual white-collar crimes, like fraud, embezzlement and counterfeiting. Furthermore, there are various types of fraud with degrees of complexity. For example, credit card fraud can tie into identity theft closely, so you need an attorney who has experience handling the wide variety of scenarios.

There are good reasons for your own business to lawyer up, too. If a single employee is found guilty of white-collar crimes, it could mean the end of your entire business. Worse, your business could be found liable as well. A recent study shows that the average US business loses 6% of revenue due to white-collar crime via its own employees. That’s an alarming statistic. Couple that loss with the financial penalties construed from the charges and bad legal representation, and you and your company will face complete devastation. This is precisely why you need to educate yourself on white-collar crime and what constitutes effective legal representation. To learn more, contact us today.

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