Dentures: How to decide between fixed and temporary

If you are reading this article, it is almost certainly because you or someone that you know is considering whether it is time to get dentures. Very few people talk about dentures that much, which is why it can be difficult to get reliable information on exactly how you should approach getting fixed dentures or temporary dentures, and often a dentist will have a particular favorite way of doing things, that do not really match up to the patient that they are talking to right at that moment. That means that you will have to make the decision between getting fixed dentures and getting temporary dentures yourself, and beyond asking people that you know with dentures – and let’s be honest, that can be much easier said than done – there is seemingly no way that you can decide between them. Or so you would think.

Fixed dentures and temporary dentures may sound much of a muchness, but actually they are completely different. Temporary dentures are a bit like a fancy type of gum shield; they slot into your mouth based on the design that the dentist has put together to ensure that they fit well, and you can take them out of your mouth whenever you want to. This can be great if you find it a little weird have dentures, because you do not have to have them in when you sleep, and they are much easier to clean because you can actually look at what you are doing when you clean them! On the other hand, if temporary dentures do not fit that well, they can create sores that are incredibly painful and uncomfortable.

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Fixed dentures, on the other hand, are permanently placed into your mouth by a dentist who is expertly trained to use special medical techniques to keep them in place. This is great if you do not want the agony of having sores and rubbed spots on your gums because the dentures just become a part of your mouth, and you can sometimes even forget that you have dentures in your mouth at all! On the other hand, some people find it a little strange to have bits of metal and porcelain in their mouth all of the time, and they hoped that they would have outgrown that sort of thing when they got rid of their braces in their teens!

Getting fixed dentures can be an upsetting time, especially if you have worked very hard to look after your teeth over the years, but you should know that the need to get dentures does not necessarily mean that you have not cared for your teeth properly. Sometimes it just happens, and our teeth need a little extra helping hand – sometimes there is a genetic reason why your teeth are a little softer than other people’s and so they are not able to resist the challenges that the world gives them. You should remember that getting dentures is not a bad thing.

So how do you decide between getting fixed dentures and getting temporary ones? Well, the most important thing that you can do is to review the advantages and disadvantages of the different types, and think about what you really want out of your teeth and the sort of life that you want to live. Do you want the ease of cleaning your own dentures? Then perhaps temporary dentures would be best for you. If, on the other hand, you would rather avoid the pain and discomfort of sores, then getting fixed dentures would be best for you.