Digital Telephone Systems For Your Office

Digital telephone systems have just recently been adapted. Until recently, the phone network used the analogue system for communication. In an analogue system, the sound is translated into an electrical pulse while a digital system sound is broken into binary format. Adapting the digital format has mostly been because of the capacity an analogue system could carry. That is, the analogue system can carry just a certain amount of data at any one type limiting its capabilities.

How the digital system works

Digital telephone systems break sound into a binary system that is a series of 1s and 0s. Once the signal has travelled the digital system and arrives at its destination.  A device, usually a modem, reassembles the code into its original state. The digital system offers more clarity than the analogue system.  The data carrying capacity is also greater. However, the analogue system often has a better sound quality than digital. That is because the digital system has code that undergoes lots of code translation, coding and reassembling.

Type of digital telephone systems

Digital telephone systems are mostly used in the business. There are three main types of digital phone systems: fixed digital, cellular, and Voice over Internet Protocols (VoIP)

  • Fixed Digital – A fixed system requires the phone to be connected to the network via a cable. Today, most fixed digital phone networks use fibre optics. Fibre optics transmits pulses of light through very fine glass fibre. They carry virtual information at very high speed.
  • Cellular digital systems – cellular digital systems use radio signals to carry the data. The data is coded and relayed as radio signals to a receiver.
  • VoIP – Voice over IP has become very popular. Calls are made over the internet, for example, Skype. The voice to travel through the internet is transformed into a stream of digital and sent to the receiving destination. The receiver can receive the call either over the Internet or on a cell phone

Digital telephone systems carry a lower voltage than analogue, however, you must be careful and never mix a digital system with an analogue system because the entire system will be broken. The only method to mix a digital and analogue system is by using a digital -to- analog adapter.

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