Is Winstrol and Equipoise stacking safe?

Winstrol and Equipoise are indeed one of the most popular and sought after performance enhancing steroid and have been used for many decades to produce some exceptional result. Both these steroids are relatively safe than other similar anabolic steroid due to low androgenic ratings. But, what can you expect from a Winstrol and Equipoise stack? While they both are incredible cutting steroids, there are lots of factors to look on before going for this stack. However, both of them are considered illegal for fitness purposes and are banned by many sporting organizations and league.  Also, Equipoise is not even approved by FDA for human use as it falls under the category of animal grade steroid. Here, we will cover all the major points to help you plan for this Winstrol equipoise stack along with some good alternate paths.



Equipoise and Winstrol stack review

Although it is advised to stay away from this stack due to life altering results and problems, many people still go for it owing to its incredible ability to boost performance. Obviously, this stack should be avoided by beginners. One major reason for this is the requirement of injections which implies that you must be trained to use the shot safely and accurately to avoid risk of infections and pain. Stacking is not uncommon in bodybuilding community but this stack may accompany change in blood pressure and cholesterol level. Advanced steroid user can use 400 mg of Equipoise per week and 40 mg of Winstrol per day (after week 7) along with 500 mg of testosterone per week up to 12 weeks. Testosterone is needed to maintain a proper level as both of these steroids causes suppression of testosterone. This Winstrol equipoise stack has been in the controversies for a very long time in the world of athletics.  This all started in 1988 when the famous sprinter Ben Johnson used it to beat his closest rival.  Although, it has been banned in the athletic community, it is still used by bodybuilders to promote lean muscle tissues and for building strength and endurance. Also, it is used in treating burns, fractures and boosting growth hormone as it increases nitrogen retention in the muscle thereby promoting protein synthesis.  It also increases the bone mass preservation and red blood cells.

In spite of all these advantages, when you hear about the side effects you are probably going to think twice. With increased risk of high blood pressure, low testosterone production, cardiovascular diseases, virilization, male pattern baldness, increased appetite, deepening of voice, acnes on shoulder, chest and back, infertility and negative effect on heart make it a reason to worry. Equipoise is very similar to Winstrol except that it is used in animal industry and has a very rapid action on the body. However, this stack is a great choice for people who want rapid fats elimination for their body and are ready for some unwanted side effects. If you still want to cut down on side effects you can go for the legal and natural alternatives from CrazyBulk which are highly reliable and safe.