The pros and cons of UV gel nail polish

The UV gel nail shine is a long-lasting and gorgeous means to soften the nails. By applying this kind of polish and using UV light nail dryer, it’s likely to steer clear of problems associated with chipped or cracked nails.


Long-lasting – A significant advantage of this shine is that the capacity to continue a good deal more compared to the choices. Once implemented, the polish can stay for a few weeks. The majority of other kinds like acrylic established polished can begin to look worn within a duration of one week.

Natural look – this kind of polish provides a high-quality finish and also looks with no scrapes or scratches. Additionally, it’s a finish that appears far more natural looking than the acrylics.

The UV gel is put on the sharp nails to provide a fantastic foundation for your polish. It ought to be given sufficient time to completely dry with the assistance of the LED lamp or UV light nail dryer. When the first coat is dry, then it’s likely to employ the real shine which requires a few minutes to dry. Another layer of polish can be implemented to provide the more vibrant shine and more durability.

Quick to eliminate – this kind of polish is comparatively fast and straightforward to remove. Simply rub on the nails at a favorite acrylic remover and the whole layer of polish ought to be simple to clean. Additionally, there’s rarely a requirement to take more steps like grinding or filing.


This is mostly associated with the repeated usage of LED lights or UV light nail dryer having the potential to cause skin cancer. To limit this risk exposure, it may benefit to employ a favored sunscreen lotion across the nail cuticle and hands.

Drying procedure – The drying process for the polish is not the most comfortable due to the heat that comes in the LED lamp or UV lamp. It’s practical to work with the little fans to minimize problems with distress.